Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t see your question here, then head over to the Support Server and we’ll give you a hand with any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not working, what should I do?

Firstly, ensure that your Mods folder looks like the one shown in the Installation Instructions. This is confirmed to be working, as it’s what Jamjars uses in his game.

Secondly, make sure that your game is the current, legal version. The older, outdated versions are not supported due to coding changes in the game. Also, make sure that you’re using the most recent version of Omegaverse.

Thirdly, test your game with just Omegaverse, no other mods or CC whatsoever.

If your game is still not working, then head over to the Support Server and we’ll give you a hand. Make sure to give details there, more than “It‘s not working.” … What’s not working? Give details!

Why does it say my omega can’t get pregnant in the CAS Advanced Gender options?

As part of the heat cycles, omega cannot become pregnant when not in heat. Omegaverse does this by adding and removing the Can Be Impregnated and Cannot Be Impregnated traits. These are the traits which determine the CAS Advanced Gender options.

Irrelevant of what you set the CAS options to, Omegaverse will correct the gender settings of any omegas to reflect their heat cycle. As such, it is perfectly normal to see an omega set to Neither in CAS.

The same thing happens with alphas who have taken contraceptives.

Is Omegaverse compatible with Wicked Whims?

Omegaverse is compatible with Wicked Whims. However, there are a couple of steps to take, to ensure that Omegaverse and Wicked Whims work together smoothly

  • The menstrual cycles from Wicked Whims clash with the heat cycles from Omegaverse. This can be negated by changing your WW pregnancy settings from Menstrual Cycle Mode to Simple Mode, where there is a basic percentage chance of sims becoming pregnant.
  • Male omegas will not become pregnant from anal sex. This can be negated by either using vanilla Try For Baby (or Risky Woohoo) interactions, or by running a couple of rounds of vaginal sex animations during an omega’s heat.

Wicked Whims integration is on the Suggestions page, but due to limitations in Jamjars’ abilities, it’s not on the top of his To Do list.

Does Omegaverse conflict with any other mods?

There can be some issues for users of MC Command Center. When woohooing with a female alpha and a male omega, or between same-sex alphas and omegas (so female x female and male x male), the alpha can become pregnant due to MCCC’s pregnancy settings. For same-sex couples, by default, the person targeted by the woohoo interaction (the person who gets asked to woohoo) is the one who will become pregnant. For female alpha x male omega couples, you will need to change your MCCC pregnancy settings such that either the target or initiator of the woohoo interaction becomes pregnant.

The breastfeeding add-on for Omegaverse will also conflict with any other breastfeeding mods. If you wish to use another breastfeeding mod, you can remove the add-on from your Mods folder, but it will mean that your male omegas cannot breastfeed.

Otherwise, there are no other known conflicts between Omegaverse and any other mods. If you think you’ve found one, please report it on the Support Server.

Can I translate Omegaverse?


If you speak another language and are willing to translate Omegaverse, please head to the Support Server for more information. If you’d like to learn how to translate Omegaverse, Jamjars wrote a tutorial for how to translate Omegaverse.

There may already be a partial translation of Omegaverse into your language, but please reach out if you’re still willing, as translators sometimes abandon their positions and new translations may be needed.

Can a sim be an alpha and an omega at the same time?

Not with just Omegaverse. The alpha and omega traits conflict in CAS, so they can’t be added to a sim at the same time, since they’re basically opposites of one another. The heat and rut cycles are not designed to work together.

Using a More Traits mod, it may be possible for the alpha and omega traits to be added to the same sim. This is highly unadvised, and will not be supported by Jamjars, due to potential issues with heats and ruts, as well as pregnancy.

Where can I make suggestions?

If you have any ideas for Omegaverse, then you can join the Support Server and submit a suggestion via the #suggestions and #submissions channels. Jamjars will often respond to them within a day or so, and add any ideas he likes to his list of features to look into in the future.

Why can’t I access the pre-releases without being a Patron?

During the development of the next public version, certain features will be completed before the entire release is ready. As thanks to his patrons, Jamjars releases these half-finished versions to them, to play with.

Pre-releases will often contain bugs and errors, which patrons help by catching and reporting so that Jamjars can fix them, before the version is released to the public. They are also incomplete, some pre-releases can be as simple as releasing new configuration menus or a couple of buffs.

Once the public version is finished, the final pre-release(s) are marked as Release Candidates. These versions are available for patrons for a week or so, for a final period of beta testing to ensure there are no errors, before being released to the public as the new public version.

Where can I find vX.X.X(.x)?

If you can’t find a download link, first check Jamjars’ Tumblr and Patreon for the most recent version.

If the download link is no longer available, it is because this version is outdated and has been supplanted by a newer version (with more features). Old versions get deleted from Patreon and Simfileshare, and do not get reposted.

How do I know if I’m up to date?

Firstly, check what version of Omegaverse you’re using. If you don’t have the .zip file or make a note of version numbers in your Mods folder, you can find out what version you have by using the jj.version cheat in-game.

You can then compare this number to the most recent version available from my Tumblr or Patreon. Omegaverse’s version numbers always increase with each new release.