Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Trait Pack. If you don’t see your question here, then head over to the Support Server and we’ll give you a hand with any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trait Pack’s not working, what should I do?

Firstly, ensure that your Mods folder looks like the one shown in the Installation Instructions. This is confirmed to be working, as it’s what Jamjars uses in his game.

Secondly, make sure that your game is the current, legal version. The older, outdated versions of the game are not supported due to coding changes in the game. Also, make sure that you’re using the most recent version of Trait Pack.

Thirdly, test your game using just Trait Pack, no other mods or CC whatsoever.

If your game is still not working, then head over to the Support Server and we’ll give you a hand. Make sure to give details there, more than “It‘s not working.” … What’s not working? Give details!

How Do I pick-and-choose which traits I want?

All the traits and aspirations included with Trait Pack are independent of one another. Some are designed to complement each another, such as Technophile and Technophobe, but none require each other.

If two traits or aspirations require each other, then they will be included in the same package file. To pick-and-choose, simply delete the package files for the trait(s) or aspiration(s) which you don’t want in your game.

Does Trait Pack conflict with any other mods?

There are no known conflicts for Trait Pack. If you think you’ve found one, please report it on the Support Server.

There’s already <insert trait here> made by <insert modder here>. Are you copying them?

Any duplicates between other modders’ traits and Trait Pack are completely coincidental. Jamjars does not scroll through other traits looking for ones to copy, but he will sometimes draw inspiration from another modder’s traits, in which case, he will provide credit.

If you wish to remove one of Jamjars’ traits or aspirations in favour of another modder’s, this is completely possible (see How do I pick-and-choose which traits I want?).

If you are another modder who has had one of your traits duplicated in Trait Pack, please contact Jamjars through Discord – Jamjars#6054 – for further discussion privately. Thanks.

How do pre-releases/early access work?

As beta-testing and as a thank you for supporting Jamjars, Trait Pack is released to Jamjars’ patrons (Jam Squad and above) approximately two weeks early. Any bugs which are reported in that time will be fixed and hotfixes posted for Patrons. Then, after two weeks, Trait Pack will be released to the public.

Where can I find vx.xx.x?

If you can’t find a download link, first check Jamjars’ Tumblr or Patreon for the most recent version.

If the download is no longer available, it is because this version is outdated and has been supplanted by a newer version (with more things in it). Old versions get deleted from Patreon and Simfileshare, and do not get reposted.

Can I translate Trait Pack?


If you speak another language and are willing to translate any of the traits or aspirations included with Trait Pack, please head to the Support Server for more information. If you’d like to learn how to translate a mod, Jamjars wrote a tutorial for how to translate Omegaverse, but the process is transferable to Trait Pack.

Some traits may already have translations for them, but please reach out if you’re still willing, as translators sometimes abandon their positions and new translators may be needed.