Below is a list of things that have already been considered, or have previously been suggested. This list is not a To Do list; I don’t publish my version To Do lists as they often change during a version’s development, as things get added and removed depending on feasibility and worthwhile-ness. This is simply a list of things that do not need to be suggested.

Previous Suggestions

  • Alpha ruts Introduced with v1.3.0
  • Heat suppressants Introduced with v1.4.0
  • Heat birth control Introduced with v1.4.0
  • (Reversible) Procedure to remove an Omega’s ability to go into heat Introduced with v1.4.0
  • Alpha/ Omega specific lot traits/ club activities/ holiday traditions/ etc
  • Alpha/ Omega specific social interactions
  • “Alpha Of All Alphas” or Enigma trait, allowing an Alpha to impregnate any sim, regardless of A/B/O status.
  • Matings Introduced with v1.5.0
  • Nesting behaviour for Omegas Introduced with v1.4.0
  • Discomfort without Woohoo during Heat and Ruts
  • Lower relationship requirements for Woohoo between Alphas and Omegas
  • Tamer heats and ruts for Teens
  • Deltas, Gammas, and other Omegaverse archetypes
  • Packs
  • Wicked Whims integration