About Me

My name is Jamjars, I speak English primarily and (patchy) French, but I’ve not done any French translations for Omegaverse since there are those in the community who are far more fluent than I.

I’ve been playing Sims for years. I started playing when I was 6, playing Sims 2. Now I’m here with Sims 4 and I’m not only playing, I’m modding it too!

I’m also British, so you might notice that I favour British English over American English. I make no apologies for this. If you notice any “spelling mistakes” due to my inclusion of u-s, for example, you can easily correct these by using Sims 4 Studio, but I will continue to use what’s correct for me.

Something that’s just me being a bit weird, I write my dates backwards. You might see 19-02-01 in my files, or when translations are added there’s a line with the date on in this format. This is because I write them YY-MM-DD. Don’t panic, I’ve not gone back to 19 February 2001. Why do I do this? Mostly since it allows me to sort my files by date much easier. I got into the habit for name files during my studies and I’ve not needed to revert back.

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