About my Omegaverse

Omegaverse introduced an omegaverse into The Sims 4, it does not introduce the omegaverse, for the simple fact that there is not single omegaverse. Every omegaverse is open to interpretation; a result of different preferences and different plot devices being required for a story.

As mentioned in the credits, my omegaverse is heavily based off Claire Cullen’s. Mostly since it resonated best with me, and it was one of the first which I read and enjoyed. However, my omegaverse isn’t exactly alike to hers.

I’m building Omegaverse so that it adds an omegaverse which I enjoy to The Sims 4. Some things are simply not possible in the game (knotting, for example), and other elements I choose not to include since they’re not what I enjoy in my gameplay. Generally, I will pursue elements which I think will be fun to create, enjoyable to play, and worthwhile adding. I am always open to suggestions and will consider each one. But ultimately, I will have to code, test, and play with anything which is added to Omegaverse, so I reserve the right to say “I don’t want to add that”.

One thing that may be noticeable about my own gameplay, especially to those who hang around with me on Discord servers like Dark Side Inc., is that I heavily favour male sims. I enjoy playing men more than I enjoy playing women, and most of my in-game couples are gay men.

I’ve been building Omegaverse from the perspective that either sex can be Alphas or Omegas, as I think this is an important part of the mod and I like to leave options open where possible. But I will only play test female features as much as to confirm that they’re working and not throwing errors, or to investigate error reports from players. Male features will receive far more stress testing in my game than female features.

If you use aspects of Omegaverse for female sims, and notice a bug which seems inherent to females and not males, please do raise it with me. I’m unlikely to have seen it in my own game, so it’s vital that you report it so I can fix it.

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