The Extended Family

An Omegaverse v1.4.0 feature

Aunt Mai

It’s not easy being an Omega, the world just doesn’t seem to appreciate this fact. Heats can be troublesome beasts, being so invasive upon busy, modern life. Big assignment due soon? Grinding for a promotion at work? More family gatherings than you know what to do with? Well fear not, little Omegas, for Aunt Mai is here to ease your woes and aid you in your arduous task.

Recently opened, Aunt Mai’s Emporium now stocks a variety of supplements to help control heat cycles and take back control of your life. Selling everything from heat suppressants, to contraceptives, to heat inducers … Well, that’s all she sells, but they’re particularly useful for controlling heats.

No one seems to know exactly who Aunt Mai is the aunt of, but the world has bigger problems to deal with, like where Jasmine Holiday’s Evil Lair is located…

Of course, Aunt Mai is never dishonest with her customers, she’s completely upfront about her product. Whilst they’re highly tested and controlled, meeting the General Excellence Requirements of Medication and Supplements standards set down by the San Myshuno government (the G.E.R.M.S. for short), all supplements do have some chance of failure. Aunt Mai’s team have done their upmost to reduce these chances wherever possible. And where these cannot be reduced any further, each supplement’s label contains all the necessary information, so be sure to read it.

Aunt Mai’s Emporium can be found on the PC, under the Omegaverse category. All orders will be shipped via the mailman, and arrive the next morning.

Uncle Rick

After Aunt Mai began selling her Omega supplements, her husband Rick realised that there was another group of people who needed as much help. The Alphas of the world had their pesky rut cycles as well.

Offering no nonsense supplements for Alphas, Uncle Rick’s Store sells a variety of products to allow Alphas to control their ruts.

Uncle Rick never lies to his customers, obviously. He’s entirely upfront about efficiency of his products, and the (albeit small) chance of failure. Naturally, he and his team have done their best to reduce these chances are much as possible, but some chance is unavoidable. Sims are complicated beings.

Uncle Rick’s Store can be found on the PC, under the Omegaverse category. All orders will be shipped via the mailman, and arrive next morning.

The Clinic

After the success of her Emporium, Aunt Mai realised that her customers were crying out for more. They adored her supplements, but were desperate for more long-term solutions to their woes.

After teaming up with the best doctors and working tirelessly with them, she was able to develop some treatments which would provide more long-term respite from pregnancy and heat cycles for her clients.

Aunt Mai’s Clinic can be found on the PC, under the Omegaverse category.

Aunt Mai’s Clinic only serves Omegas*, and they must not be in heat in order to be eligible for the treatments.

* Aunt Mai’s Clinic also serves Alphas suffering from Supplement Sickness.

Cousin Jack

Have you ever noticed how much Aunt Mai and Uncle Rick charge for their supplements? Well Jack certainly has! It’s outrageous! They charge HUNDREDS of simoleons for their supplements, treading on their less-well-off clients, riding high on their monopoly! Jack simply can’t allow it to stand.

In Cousin Jack’s Market, far cheaper, home-made supplements which do the same thing as Aunt Mai and Uncle Rick’s supplements do.

Of course, given that Jack’s production method is more “home grown” and not a corporate behemoth, like Mai or Rick, he can’t offer consistent stock, but he can promise that he’ll vary his stock regularly, so if what you want isn’t currently available, check back another time.

Home grown of course means that the quality of his supplements may not be quite as high as Mai’s or Rick’s, but what can you ask for when you’re paying so much less?!

Also, due to the San Myshuno government and Jack sometimes having small disagreements over these pesky little details called “Regulations”, Jack is occasionally forced to move his operation to another location, which means that his current lines of sale are unfortunately severed. But not to worry, it’s just as easy to re-open business communications after the move as it was before!

Cousin Jack is all about giving choice back to the people. Down with the monopolies of Aunt Mai and Uncle Rick!

Cousin Jack’s Market can be found by Researching Supplements on the computer successfully, then found under the Omegaverse category.

After a time of 2 – 7 days, when going to use Cousin Jack’s Market, you will receive a notification saying that the Market has been “burnt”. To re-access the market, you will need to Research Supplements again.

Supplement Sickness

It saddens Aunt Mai to find out that some of her poor clientele are sadly turning to sub-par supplements in order to meet their needs. She has tried her best to reduce the pricing of her products as much as possible but alas, some poor souls must turn to less-than-legal options in order to meet their needs. On many occasions, she and Uncle Rick have come across Alphas and Omegas stricken with Supplement Sickness, from the poor quality supplements offered on the black market.

She and Rick have been working with the San Myshuno police force in order to try and stop the fiend who is peddling these horrendous quality supplements. She’s heard on the grapevine that they might be called Jake? But she cannot be sure. What she is sure of is what her lab tests have told her is in some of these supplements. Without going into detail, she can assure you that some of the constituents are less than sanitary and definitely not fit for sim consumption.

But, given how kind she is, Aunt Mai has been able to synthesis a remedy for the sickness, which she and Rick offer no-questions-asked to anyone who needs it.

Sadly though, this remedy simply isn’t enough for some of the worst cases which she has seen. So Aunt Mai will take in any Omega suffering from the sickness, and will even take in Alphas thanks to Rick’s continued support and sharing of resources.

There is hope for those who are struggling with Supplement Sickness!!

Supplement Sickness will only be caused by Cousin Jack’s products.

Supplement Sickness remedies are available through Aunt Mai’s Emporium or Uncle Rick’s Store, for Omegas and Alphas respectively. These remedies reduce the chance of the sickness worsening.

In the event of the sickness worsening, Omegas and Alphas can go to Aunt Mai’s Clinic and receive treatment which will heal them and put them on the path to recovery.